Unsung heroes – Author Michael Duncan

Unsung heroes – Author Michael Duncan

The Gospels record the burial of Jesus clinically. The detail is limited.  Yet we do know that it was Joseph of Arimathea who bravely requested permission to treat Jesus body after his death. 

Mark tells us that Joseph “took courage” before he made his request; and John records that Joseph took Jesus’ body “secretly for fear of the Jews”.  As well as the risks he took, the personal cost of his task must not be overlooked.

To take Jesus’ body down from the cross Joseph would have had to separate Jesus’ hands and feet from the nails, unwind the cords that would have held him in place, then take the weight of Jesus’ body upon himself, as it fell away.  Imagine doing this for a loved one, let alone the King of Glory.

What motivated Joseph?  Was it love?  I am sure it was.  However, Mark and Luke also include this extraordinary fact about him – he was “looking for the Kingdom of God”.  

There are many saints out there today also looking for the Kingdom.  They don’t get many (or any) column inches.  And often their work is of a back-breaking nature, drenched with tears and carried out at great personal cost.

May God raise up more – men and women who are willing to take on the Kingdom jobs that nobody else wants.

Matthew 27 v 57-61

Mark 15 v 42-47

Luke 23 v 50-56

John 19 v 38-42

Author: Michael Duncan

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