Where can we gather? – It’s not really a question of where but rather what is the best place for a family to meet. Clearly the best place is the family home but our gatherings can be in many places. Gathering together can be in a coffee shop, the beach, a park and many other locations that bring us together as family. It’s not about one gathering place but multiple locations as the family grows. It’s not just about Sunday but rather any day and time in the week. Sundays are great for our gathering in homes for the Love Feast but saints love to gather whenever the opportunity arises.

Colossians 4:15                   Acts 12:12

Philemon 1:2                       Acts 4:31

Acts 20:7                               Acts 19:9

If you’re seeking to gather with the followers of Jesus and would like to offer your home as a place to gather together let us know. If you’ve got questions please make contact and take a look at our Q & A page.

This website has been established to help us gather. If you’re interested in gathering together with brothers and sisters in  Newport, South Wales and surrounding areas please contact us – contact@gatheringsaints.uk

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