Reflections on Noah and the Flood

Reflections on Noah and the Flood

Reflections on Noah and the Flood. Sometimes we read the Old Testament and see in it a very harsh God who is always seeking to punish people for not living with a life centred around love for others and Him. He seems quick to judge and His punishments are often very final in their outcome. Yet on closer inspection we see something very different. Take for example Methuselah, the oldest man ever to live and who died in the year of the Flood recorded in Genesis. We might ask the question “why did he live longer than anyone else?” – the answer is in the bible.

Enoch gave his son Methuselah a name which means “he dies and it (the flood) is sent”. This was a prediction given by Enoch the Prophet that when his son died the flood would come. So a great prophet gives a warning and another man builds a huge boat miles away from the sea and takes 120 years to complete it.


God kept Methuselah alive for as long as possible, yes longer than any man has ever lived because He knew that on the day of his death the time of mercy was over and he wanted “a big extension of mercy” for people to get the message and return to Him. Along with a huge construction project “Noah’s Ark” I’d suggest that we get a good indication that God is always looking to avoid judgement whenever possible and that’s simply because He loves us!

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