The beauty of Church is that it’s relational, simple and yet as Paul declares a great mystery. The people of the 1st Century had an idea of leadership that was very fixed in their thinking and Jesus had to work with His followers to change the way they understood leadership. Their understanding would also impact the way they understood the church and how it lived out its life from the love and power of Christ.

We like this video from the Simple Church Alliance. It may not express everything that you or I may believe on the subject but it gives a really good insight into the reality of New Testament leadership and the footprint that Jesus left for us today.

Its worth giving this some time and consideration because Jesus said “It shall not be so among you” Matthew 20:26

Theologian Donald Guthrie in his book “New Testament Theology” – The Developing Church p789 states in referring to leadership in the 1st century church

“There was certainly no hierarchical system. The purpose of the church officers was to ensure orderliness and to teach. The NT does not present any clear indications of one man being in charge of the community. This looseness of structure is in keeping with the view of the church as the body, with Christ himself as the head”