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Are you on the Shepherds shoulders

Are you on the Shepherds shoulders

Dear Brothers and Sisters

The Body is searching for you in the midst of the crowd or wilderness. I address you as brothers and sisters because I know that you are one of His flock, a valued sheep, still in love with Jesus but distant from other members of His Body. I believe that Jesus has already lifted you up on His shoulders and you’ve been there for some time. He loves you enough to keep you there until He can place you into a flock that will love you as He loves you.

He knows just how much the flock that was called to love you failed in its purpose. Maybe the flock was so big the shepherds didn’t feed you and serve you as they should. It might have been worse and the shepherds that should have fed you with their abundance actually lived off yours until you became weak and embittered.

You see, while others have labelled you as just another one who has fallen away and given up on church, they fail to see the reality. The Lord your shepherd has kept you on His shoulders to keep you safe until the time of His choosing to lower you gently down.

I believe your time has come and He has a flock with shepherds who will love and serve you with a sacrificial love that will have made the wait worthwhile. As you come off His shoulders your legs may feel a little unstable but we are ready to steady you and feed you with love.

Welcome brother and sister to the gathering of saints.

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