About Us

There are followers of Jesus who are seeking to gather with brothers and sisters in the simplicity of New Testament Church practice.

This site has been established to enable us to gather and place ourselves before the Lord, to see His plan and purpose fulfilled in our lives, enabling us to love, be loved and learn to love.

Having visited this web site you may be wondering what this body of believers is going to look like, well that is both easy and difficult to answer! We want to meet with each other in accordance with biblical church practice and the timeless traditions of the apostles….. see our page “Its Simple” which is the easy answer. Within this simple church practice we are seeking to give the Spirit of Jesus the rightful place of leadership in our gatherings. We therefore can’t predict exactly what will happen, what the order will be, what songs will be sung if any at all. We may not know the teaching that someone may bring or the prophetic word that may change lives and direct our path. We will be confident in the fact that He is among us and that love will be the foundation for every gift that operates amongst us.